Tom Baran

Tom Baran, Ph.D.

Visiting Lecturer and Research Affiliate, Digital Signal Processing Group

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About me

In June of 2012 I completed my doctorate, studying with Dr. Alan Oppenheim in the DSP Group at MIT. My Ph.D. thesis was on the synthesis and identification of conservation principles in signal processing systems, and my master's thesis was on efficient techniques for sampling rate conversion. These days I'm working on applying my Ph.D. thesis to solving control and optimization problems, doing a bit of consulting, and co-authoring 6.341x: Discrete-Time Signal Processing with Al Oppenheim. I'll be leading the instruction of that course on in Spring 2015 - sign up, it's free!

Professional bio

Dr. Baran is currently a Research Affiliate and Visiting Lecturer, respectively in the RLE Digital Signal Processing Group and in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also an MITx fellow. He received the S.B. degree (summa cum laude) in electrical engineering and in biomedical engineering from Tufts University in 2004 and the M.S. degree in electrical engineering from MIT in 2007. He performed his Ph.D. thesis research at MIT with Prof. Oppenheim, receiving the Ph.D. degree in 2012. Dr. Baran has significant experience in both teaching and research in signal processing. His research interests lie in the general field of signal processing theory and in signal-flow architectures for distributed signal processing, and his interests often tend toward acoustic applications. He is also author of Autotalent, a widely used open-source library for musical pitch correction.

Dr. Baran was awarded the MIT School of Engineering Graduate Student Extraordinary Teaching and Mentoring Award in 2011, and in 2010 was awarded the MIT EECS Carlton E. Tucker Award for Teaching Excellence. He also received Best Student Paper at the 2011 IEEE DSP Workshop and in 2006 was awarded the MIT EECS Morris J. Levin Award for Outstanding Oral Thesis Presentation. Dr. Baran is a member of IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi.

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