Tom Baran - Other Projects

Tom Baran, Ph.D.

Co-founder and CEO, Lumii

Research Affiliate, DSP Group, MIT RLE


Over a week at the end of May 2009 I had a go a writing a real-time pitch correction plugin. More on that mini-project here.

Atwood's Tavern

In the Spring of 2006 I designed and installed a Linux-based live PA system (routing diagram here) for Atwood's Tavern, a great restaurant and live music venue in Cambridge.

The system performs real-time equlization and delay compensation based on pre-gathered acoustic measurements, for both live and program material. When I have time I'll try to add more about this project, since it involved overcoming some interesting challenges that might be relevant to other people using Linux audio.

Poor Students + Homemade Mic = CD

Back when I was in an a cappella group at Tufts, we set out to record an album, but we wanted to do it on the cheap. So I put together this mic, swapped out the transducer for a better one, and modified the gain stages in its built-in preamp to lower the noise floor. We were pleased to hear that people seemed to like it!

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